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Our Bathroom Design Process

Bathroom remodeling is not a small undertaking and should be done with a lot of care. After all, we all want a bathroom that will reflect our personal style and deliver the comfort we need. Besides adding value to your home, a renovated bathroom adds style to your palace and makes it well adapted to your current needs. An expertly remodeled master bathroom provides years of pleasure and that’s why it’s important to introduce the improvements you desire during the renovation process. Bathroom remodeling is not always a walk in the pack but we at, Accelerated Remodeling are here to walk with you.

Over the years, we have built a reputation in bathroom renovation projects and we follow a streamlined three-step process to give you nothing but the best. The model of our company is based on integrity, commitment to quality, dedication to professionalism, and standardized craftsmanship. Here is our comprehensive three-step process that will convince you to put your trust on us.

Phase one – Design

We understand that your bathroom project begins in the design phase. We deliver nothing but exceptional designs that meet your expectations. We have a team of dedicated and highly qualified designers who walk with your step by step to create a design that meets the vision of your desire within your bathroom space. In the design phase, our team of experts will carry out the following:

Define measurements

As soon as you choose our company for your bathroom remodeling, we will assign you a professional designer from our team to work closely with you. The designer will visit your home and accurately measure your current bathroom and we will use these measurements to create a plan for your bathroom renovation based on your preferences and the available space.


The model of your bathroom will be created based on the available space, charting where water technology appliances, flooring, tiling, and new cabinetry will be fixed in your new bathroom. We understand that you have the theme, mood and color scheme you’d want to be incorporated in your bathroom, and that’s why our designer will work with you throughout this process to ensure that they take your input on what you want in the creation of your dream bathroom.


It goes without saying that the more you plan on remodeling your bathroom, the more money you’re likely to spend. However, at Accelerated Remodeling, we provide a transparent budgeting to give value for your money. We are specialized in full-service bathroom renovation and this makes us exceptional. With that in mind, we work with one team from start to finish to ensure that your hard-earned money is not wasted. To make it even more interesting, our project manager handles communication and budget management meaning that we work within your budget to give you the best services.


There are many reasons that drive you to renovate your bathroom but one thing for sure is that you do it for beauty. For instance, you might have seen a fresh new look from your friend’s house or on the internet and decided to try it in your bathroom too. Well, regardless of your reasons, our team of professionals will match the finishes on your new tubs and shower, flooring, cabinetry, backsplash, lighting fixtures, sink top surfaces and any other design that will make you bathroom outstanding.

Phase two – Materials

We understand that many of our clients decide to renovate their bathrooms if they think they are unattractive and outdated. Therefore, we are dedicated to giving you a million and one reasons to smile for our services. We also understand how important it is to choose materials wisely, and that’s why we only source them from a renowned tub, sink top surface, water technology, cabinet, and fixture suppliers. Given that we don’t assume our choices will suit you, our designer works with you to review the beauty of the materials you wish to have in your bathroom and make a decision on the supplier you want the materials to be sourced from.


Whether looking for traditional or modern styles, we stock cabinetwork from various international and local cabinet makers to ensure that your needs are met. When it comes to the work, our team of professionals will excellently commission cabinet projects in your favorite style, finish, or material to make the best cabinet both for storage and medicine.


We understand that tiles bring the beauty you’d ever wish to have in your bathroom and that’s why we source any type of tile from ceramic, porcelain, wood to stone, and glass to ensure you get what you want. We are experts in tilling and we’ll provide decorative accents for your bathroom’s floors and walls.


Regardless of the size of your bathroom, it goes without saying that plumbing fixtures are a must have. Through the years, we have had positive reviews and customer satisfaction as we only utilize the best sinks, toilets, tubs, and bidets available.

Water technology

Our team of professionals understands that different customers have different needs and when it comes to water technology, clients decide what they want. We will consult you first on the faucets and shower technology you’d want to have in your bedroom, and then based on your preferences, we buy the best water technology that will put a smile on your face every time you look at your bathroom.


In order to give your bathroom a new look, we will work with you to determine the best lighting fixtures that meet your remodeling needs in the available space.


Over the years, we have had a cordial relationship with our clients and we have come to understand how important vanities are to them. We incorporate the best countertop surfaces, backsplashes, cabinets and sinks that meet your desire.

The above staples are the most common in many homes. However, we understand that clients have different needs and if your bathroom has enough space and you’d want it to be more luxurious, we source high-quality materials for items like steam showers, advanced electronics, saunas, home automation, jets, spas, and whirlpools.

Phase three – Renovation and Installation

Our team of designers and contractors settle for nothing less than high-quality services. They pay close attention to every detail and they are passionate about what they do and that’s what makes them great craftsmen. Throughout the renovation and installation process, our friendly team works tirelessly to provide high-quality work within your budget. Welcome us to your home and we will give your bathroom a fresh new look.

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